Saturday, February 10, 2007

Mind boggle

The last few days, I have been in a constant dilemma as to whether I should start trying to conceive my second child, or whether I should concentrate on my first, Edison.

Well the decision would not be hard if I decide to stay put in France with Jeff, as he will be working here for another 4 years. However, I really dont have any desires on continueing my stay in France. Seriously, being here is like being so out of touched with the world and, everything this else that goes on. For me, life here means, clean, cook, feed Edison, wait for Jeff to get back from work, grocery shopping about once or twice a week.

Of course I'd still have the house chores to do in Singapore, but at least if ever I didn't feel like cooking, I could still go down to any foodcourt and order something to eat. When Jeff is at work, I can bring Edison and myself out, anywhere. With MRT, I can just go anywhere, like to libraries and stuff. At least the books would also be in English! I can think of so many things that I can do with Edison. Here......our activities are mainly limited to around (inside) the house.

I really feel like just going back to singapore, and Jeff can continue his contract, the only thing is that if I do, then there would definately be a big age gap between Edison and my next child.

Should I care about this? My age by then would be about 26-28, so I am not too worried, the only thing is, it just feels weird having a 5 year gap between first and second child.

Part of me is saying that maybe it would be good for Edison, so that he can use the time to get more indipendant and so I can spend more one on one time with him?

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Sc said...

Welcome to Singapore again... :)