Monday, July 2, 2007

I'm alive!

After all this while, I decided to post a quick update! Actually I was contemplating whether i should click on the delete button, then a sudden burst of motivation told me not too!

Well, after all travelling here and there, I've been quite settled back, back in least for the time being- the next few months that is. The weather here sucks! Totally humid, makes me sweat so much, that I didn't even need to diet to lose a few kilos =)

Pretty much unpacked all of my luggage and shipment, except for a few boxes that I don't see myself needing, so I just hid them away in the storeroom.

The house was in quite an alright condition when we arrived, however the floors took a few rounds of mopping before the water in the bucket stayed clear. But still, it was considered good already, especially bearing in mind my fussiness when in comes to cleanliness!

Edison is 2 years, 4 months to this date. Boy, he has really progressed alot, in terms of speach and communication within the last the last 3 months- since we arrived in Singapore!

He is able to count in chinese now, from 1-10! So cute!

Photos coming soon!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Edison turned 2!

Lately I have been too slack to blog! Guess my mind has been occupied with other things ie; whether to stay or go, plus getting ready for Edison's birthday has kept me busy for a while too! Well luckily I didn't end up cooking the food yesterday!

This year I thought I'd relax a bit, so I decided to get catered food instead! I don't regret coz' by the end of the party, me and Jeff were kind of exhausted from all the cleaning!

The only food I prepared was the desserts! Speaking of desserts I forgot to take photos of the pretty agar agar I made! Thought they looked nice! I also made some or bi bei!

Well my son is 2 liao! He is growing up so fast, can see his individuality starting to shine through! I guess that is what makes him, him!

I haven't uploaded the birthday pics yet, but once its done, I'll have it up here too!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Mind boggle

The last few days, I have been in a constant dilemma as to whether I should start trying to conceive my second child, or whether I should concentrate on my first, Edison.

Well the decision would not be hard if I decide to stay put in France with Jeff, as he will be working here for another 4 years. However, I really dont have any desires on continueing my stay in France. Seriously, being here is like being so out of touched with the world and, everything this else that goes on. For me, life here means, clean, cook, feed Edison, wait for Jeff to get back from work, grocery shopping about once or twice a week.

Of course I'd still have the house chores to do in Singapore, but at least if ever I didn't feel like cooking, I could still go down to any foodcourt and order something to eat. When Jeff is at work, I can bring Edison and myself out, anywhere. With MRT, I can just go anywhere, like to libraries and stuff. At least the books would also be in English! I can think of so many things that I can do with Edison. Here......our activities are mainly limited to around (inside) the house.

I really feel like just going back to singapore, and Jeff can continue his contract, the only thing is that if I do, then there would definately be a big age gap between Edison and my next child.

Should I care about this? My age by then would be about 26-28, so I am not too worried, the only thing is, it just feels weird having a 5 year gap between first and second child.

Part of me is saying that maybe it would be good for Edison, so that he can use the time to get more indipendant and so I can spend more one on one time with him?

Monday, February 5, 2007

Which is better?

I wonder which is better?


  1. A loving husband & wife but, always argue.
  2. Husband & wife lack of affection and relationship is very dry.
  3. Husband & wife lack of affection, always argue and relationship is very dry.

Obviously number 3 is the worst la, but just say if it is between 1 and 2, which would you choose?

Friday, February 2, 2007

Kitchen Degreaser

Tonight after I finished cooking, like any other night, I went through my cleaning the stove top ritual. While doing so, a silly thought come to mind. As I was wiping away the oil splatters with the degreaser, an image of a slimming campaign model came to mind, doing the typical pose, where they advertise the slimming product in one hand. The silly thing is that the slimming 'product' is kitchen degreaser!

I really like Magic clean degreaser, from Kao. Among the brand I've tried, this seems to get rid of the grease almost instantaneously! Imagine if there was a product that humans could safely consume and, achieve such efficient results! This thought, actually made me take a look at the active ingredients on the label of my Magic Clean bottle. Of course, I'm not thinking of drinking it, but I couldn't help but check it out. Of course I should have known, its solvent and one or two other things. What is solvent, and where does it occur?

I wonder if the producers of slimming teas/pills have ever had this silly idea pop into their minds???


Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Make money from your blog?

For some time now, I have been researching on how to make money from the Internet. There are many ways indeed but, finding a legit online money making business that cost nothing to begin with, is like looking for needle through a hay stack!
Tonight I researched specifically on making money through a blog. I'm not in need of money, neither do my family circumstances drive me to do so. However, being in a foreign country (residing temporarily), not being able to work, being a stay at home mother, I have a strong urge to create something, at least just for my self.

As you can see, this little blog of mine, is still in infancy! Its just a few days old! Hehehehe! My goal is to see if anything can come out of it. Obviously, because I have not got website traffic yet and, because I have got nothing smart to say, if I ever am going get anything out of this blog, its going to take a hell of a long time. BUT! That's not a slightest problem for me as I have another 4 years of being a 'stay-at-home mom'!
I am not expecting much really. I just want to know if its ever possible for me to make, my currently worth $0 blog, turn into even just $o.1 cents!

Anyone can start a blog. But not everyone can think of ways to make their blogs earn money for them. Of course there are many ways that come to mind, but true money making ideas.....?

Maybe because I am already unclear of how, means that I am not one who can? But seeing as I have the time, I hope to get more of an insight on how people get successful at this.

Well, I didn't start this blog for this sole purpose. Actually my main intentions is just to rattle on. A place for me to let out everything, be stupid, share stories/recipes/feelings! This blog is my cyber mate! He listens to me, even when my hubby can't!

I am starting to talk rubbish now. *Zips lips* Goodnight for now.

P.S: If anyone has any recommendations on how I can achieve the goal above, I'd be most happy to hear about it.
I'm not a crazy or greedy person. I'm just a bored housewife with a dream! Everyone has dreams right?!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Iron Chef

Today I, Cinnamon Lee Chen Wright, am gonna get off my lazy bum and attempt to make roti prata. Whether it will be a success or not, we'll just have to wait and see! Will be having my fish curry from last nights left overs, with the pratas, providing they are edible!

Well, heres the finish product. If I had to rate my self? 6 or 7/10! I need to practice stretching out the dough more. Wonder how those tamils do it so well, somemore can throw in the air one!
Jeff liked it though, so at least I didn't have to throw it away =)